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Our Philosophy

At Ghost Founder, we believe in the power of speed, innovation, and partnership. Our mission is to help visionary leaders in Fortune 500 companies turn their boldest ideas into reality, with unmatched speed, accuracy, and creativity. We are the proof-of-concept prototyping experts, the ones who can bring your wildest ideas to life, in record time.


Our Experience

We know that the road from idea to execution can be long, winding, and treacherous. That's why we have assembled a team of seasoned engineers, designers, and problem-solvers who thrive on challenge, ambiguity, and complexity. We don't just build prototypes, we solve problems. We don't just create assets, we inspire action. We don't just work for you, we work with you, as trusted partners and advisors.

Our focus

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Every project is different. However, the way we approach it is always the same. We have a playbook that works for us. Allow us to let it work for you as well!

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You likely won't get funded when all you have is a napkin drawing. Let us turn it into reality to reduce the risk of your venture. You could even claim some patents along the way!

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In addition to the engineering we also produce high quality content around your invention. This way you can have buy-in (and/or buyers) before the thing is even finished!

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"I'm blown away by how much Ghost Founder got done in just a day. They mocked up my Sobriety App, created a pitch deck, and gave me a clickable prototype that I can access online. It would have taken me 3 months just to do the slides."


Chair of the Southwest TWU Local 556 FADAP Program
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"I have worked in the engineering field for my entire career, and I have to say, working with Ghost Founder has been a breath of fresh air. The progress we have made together in such a short time coupled with their ability to be nimble and adapt to challenges as they come up is truly impressive. The team at Ghost Founder has proven to be an invaluable asset to our company, working as an extension of our own team. Their ability to take our ideas and collaboratively develop them into proof-of-concept prototypes has allowed us to evaluate new out of the box ideas and learn the fundamental challenges to overcome at an accelerated pace. I am fully confident in their product development, product design, software, mechanical engineering expertise and perhaps most importantly, their can-do attitude.”


Chief Innovation Officer | Hunt Innovative Technologies
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"Ghost Founder exceeded all my expectations for our hackathon project. I had an idea for a complex device to accurately time hang board interval workouts for climbers using an app, but I never imagined that we could develop a fully functional prototype in just one day! Their team worked tirelessly to create a pitch deck, a clickable online prototype of the app, and a functional hardware prototype. The fact that it's actually functional right now is absolutely insane and so cool!


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