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The Garage Advantage

How Ghost Founder Brings Startup Grind to Your Product Development Process

Read about what makes Ghost Founder different.

Were you handed a 3D printed poo at the CES

We helped Simon get back on the soccer field post-transplant, see how here.

But can your Hogwarts Sorting Hat do this?! Figure out how you can with this tutorial.

A dual cold plunge and hot tub experience built in one day with a standard wall AC unit!

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In Collaboration with Southwest Airline's Local TWU FADAP Program, GF Presents "Cabin Ready"

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From Idea to a Product Ready to Pitch, GF Presents "HangBoulder"

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Started with a drawing, ended in a product. Check out the Dung Beetle, our latest hackathon feat!

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See how Ghost Founder helps our clients turn their ideas into a reality.

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