The Garage Advantage

Are you ready to embrace the startup grind and take your business to the next level? If so, read on.


A one day prototyping hackathon that takes you from the "back of a napkin" drawing to a fully-realized prototype you can pitch.


Our "full service" product that aids in everything from ideation to development to production.


The ideation phase boiled down into one easy-to-ingest session. If you've got an idea, we're ready to help flush it out.

Recent Hackathons

Cabin Ready

Tom Spillers from Southwest Airlines FADAP partnered with Ghost Founder to create Cabin Ready, a digital recovery portfolio to help flight attendants struggling with substance abuse stay sober and keep their jobs. The app logs peer check-ins and meets the requirements of FADAP and DOT, and helps individuals get back to flying as soon as possible. The hackathon involved our team of experts working together to create a pitch deck and clickable prototype, and the end result was an innovative solution that could positively impact the lives of many.


Ghost Founder's team successfully executed a hackathon for pro-climber app, HangBoulder. During the event, they created a complex hardware and software system that enabled climbers to step on a mat to trigger a timer on their phone via Bluetooth. The team also designed a clickable online prototype, a pitch deck, and an elevator pitch. Despite facing technical issues, the team managed to show a live demo to the client and shipped the physical prototype the next day. The client was happy with the end result and is collecting feedback from other climbers in the community.

"I have worked in the engineering field for my entire career, and I have to say, working with Ghost Founder has been a breath of fresh air. The progress we have made together in such a short time, coupled with their ability to be nimble and adapt to challenges as they come up, is truly impressive. The team at Ghost Founder has proven to be an invaluable asset to our company, working as an extension of our own team. Their ability to take our ideas and collaboratively develop them into proof-of-concept prototypes has allowed us to evaluate new out-of-the-box ideas and learn the fundamental challenges to overcome at an accelerated pace. I am fully confident in their product development, product design, software, mechanical engineering expertise and perhaps most importantly, their can-do attitude.”