The Robot Poop Scooper

I love the feeling of warm squishy dog turds through the plastic bag when I clean up after my pup, said no-one EVER!

Breakthroughs, fast!

We are not in the dog poop business at all. We are a fully stacked engineering service provider, that specializes in getting new product ideas from 0 to 1 in record time. We are not your most efficient option, but we are certainly the most effective. We deliver more client defined breakthroughs in our prototyping shop than your company could when working in-house.

What's the deal with this robot, then?

Most of our client projects are top-secret. We are developing tech that is new to the world and the patenting process is running concurrently to our development. Therefore, we started building our own creations so we can talk about them and show-case our skills. While we love dogs, no-one likes picking up doggy doo doo. Confronted with this simple challenge we went to work. We designed a simple robotic poop scooper from off-the-shelf components. The cost was less than $250 in parts. The best part?

It only took one day, start to finish!

We built this poop scooping robot in a single day, start to finish. In fact, making the funny video to go with it took longer than making the robot. The functionality of the robot is mediocre at best, but it communicates the idea of WHAT IT COULD BE very well.

Why would we brag about our mediocre robot?

Because it shows how we work. We ask our clients to define a significant breakthrough in the development of the product and then we go and do everything in our power to achieve it in record time. We consider time the only scarce resource in this race. Money is merely a tool to get us there. After all, the more seeds you plant the higher the likelihood of future success.

Do you need a breakthrough?

Whether your challenge is as whimsical as a dog poop-scooping robot or as complex as the next groundbreaking tech invention, let Ghost Founder be your partner in turning your challenges into BREAKTHROUGHS. We have all relevant engineering skills in our small team. We will produce your first prototype in as little as a single day but we also have the grit to take your project all the way to market entry.


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