Innovation IS the Product

Innovation IS the Product: How to Increase the Value of your IP

TLDR: We believe that "Innovation IS the product". We help our clients turn ideas into reality, from simple concepts to complex prototypes, and use off-the-shelf components to save time and costs during development. We execute clients' ideas to the point where they can be held and used, and build proof-of-concept prototypes that make your patent creation process easier and lead to a more defensible, higher value patent. We foster innovation within our company by being a multidisciplinary team that values all inputs and channels friction into creativity. To foster innovation in your own business, recognize and mitigate recurring problems and collect feedback from clients and employees. Ghost Founder can help you achieve your innovation goals and stay ahead of the game.

Innovation is more than just a buzzword - it's the lifeblood of any successful company. We believe that "Innovation IS the product." We are an engineering and prototyping company that specializes in taking product ideas from 0 to 1 in the shortest amount of time possible. We pride ourselves on our can-do attitude and producing out-of-the-box innovation that helps our clients achieve their goals.

What is the value that innovation brings to our customers? Our clients, whether they're independent entrepreneurs or major corporations, rely on us to turn their ideas into reality. The product ideas themselves range from simple novel concepts to complex robotic contraptions that could deliver a paradigm shift when thinking about things like water and energy conservation. We help our clients make their ideas and visions a reality. This saves them time, and resources, and helps them stay ahead of the competition.

Without innovation, any business will perish. But how do you do new things without breaking the bank or distracting your staff? This is where Ghost Founder can help. We bring a combination of expertise to the table that is not easy to find. We are most comfortable with products that combine mechanics, hardware, electronics and software. We use and modify off-the-shelf components if at all possible. This saves a lot of time and costs during development and opens up possibilities to use the scale of other industries to reduce your own costs during mass manufacturing later on. We've even started using AI to help us be faster and more productive when writing code and doing other tasks in our daily business lives.

We don't just talk about innovation - we show it in action. We execute our clients' ideas to the point where they can hold them, feel them, touch them, and use them. For our corporate clients, we build proof-of-concept prototypes of concepts they are pursuing as a patent. With our prototyping effort, we uncover many technical challenges and find multiple feasible solutions for them. This informs the patent creation and helps to create a much more defensible patent.

Beyond the IP harvesting and patent generation process itself, what is your strategy once you are granted a patent? One approach that will make your IP more valuable quickly is to pursue an investment for a spin-off company or a major manufacturing licensing deal. And to be able to do this effectively, you need to show that you have done more than just writing a clever patent. During a pitch meeting with investors or executives from a joint venture partner you are pursuing, you will want to show them that the product already exists and works. This will lower the amount of perceived risk and open the doors to make a deal quickly. Imagine you are pursuing a corporate joint venture with a name brand manufacturer and you made sure that Ghost Founder uses their off-the-shelf components in the prototype. They will now be able to see their logo integrated into your new innovative machine. They will feel complimented but also impressed by the longevity of your planning and speed of execution.

But how do we foster innovation within Ghost Founder? We are a multidisciplinary team that considers itself "full-stack-fluid." We don't separate between the software and hardware team, for example. We don't treat our designer's ideas any less important than the inputs from our physicist. We channel any friction this generates into creativity, which in turn helps us in creating innovation. We use all the modern manufacturing tools that exist in the market, and we try to stay digital as long as possible before making things real. We use 3D printers, blow torches, power tools, machine shop tools, and any kind of material that will stand up to the "heat," and we also document our progress meticulously. We produce semi-professional video content about our findings along the way. And we share all this content with our clients, including our wins and losses. This creates total transparency for our work and process. You will be able to show these videos to your boss weekly to show how things are progressing.

So, how can you foster innovation in your own work or business? The number one tip is to recognize problems when they emerge and build a system to mitigate them before they become recurring issues. This is how you stay ahead of the game, both with your customers and your competition. The second tip is to regularly collect feedback from employees doing client facing work in your business. Don’t stop there! Actually implement some changes immediately based on their and your customer’s feedback. Too many companies leave money on the table because they think their elaborate product vision is more important than some simple customer feedback. It isn’t! You need happy customers and employees that feel like they had a say in the changes you implemented in your product. This will get you an employee or customer for life. And this revenue you can then spin into more and more risky moonshot ideas to realize your grand product vision for the future.

At Ghost Founder, innovation is our product. We take pride in our can-do attitude and ability to execute our clients' ideas and create out-of-the-box solutions that will help you achieve your goals. Whether you're an independent entrepreneur or a Fortune 500 corporation, we can help you stay ahead of the game with our innovative approach to engineering and prototyping.